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Couples Counsellor and Sex Therapist in Oxford

I am a couples counsellor and sex therapist working in London and Oxford. I have been practising for almost 20 years, working with couples and individuals with relationship problems. My clients include both sexes, all ages, any sexual orientation.

The therapy can be long term or short term and examples of the problems I work with include
  • constant arguing/persistent anger/ breakdown in communications
  • stresses resulting from difficult decisions (around children, employment, money, fertility)
  • couples feeling that they're stuck in a rut or growing apart over time
  • new partners wishing to avoid repeating problems in past relationships
  • relationships coming to an end

    Sexual problems that I work with include
  • problems talking about sex
  • erection problems
  • problems reaching orgasm
  • painful intercourse
  • difficulties relating to experiences of sexual abuse
  • sexual addictions
  • changes for the couple due to one partner's illness/surgery
  • impacts of a disclosed or discovered affair

    These can often be very difficult to talk about at home.

    My aim is to help both partners get a better understanding of what is causing and maintaining their relationship problems so that they can make changes and choices about their future. This might involve offering practical suggestions towards new ways of relating, or looking at deeper issues together, to solve or manage their problem, or supporting them in the process of ending their relationship. I provide a safe, respectful, confidential and non-judgemental environment and it is central to my beliefs that couples who engage in this process deserve, and can make good progress in, such an environment.

    I am a professionally qualified counsellor and sex therapist and I work to a professional code of ethics and my work is fully insured and supervised.

    My couples counselling and sex therapy practice is in Summertown, North Oxford and is easily accessible by bus, bike or car from most Oxford locations (with available parking).

    To make contact please phone me on 07763 803734 or click on
  • 07763803734

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